Meet Xan

I'm Xan, and I've always had a passion for art and creative pursuits, but I chose to focus on academics during the early years of my life. After receiving a master's degree from UChicago, I was thrown into the hectic world of post pandemic Chicago with no direction. I decided to revive my passion for art and dive into the tattoo industry. I've been working all around the Chicago tattoo and piercing circuit since 2020, and have been tattooing actively for almost a year. I'm highly inspired by anime and manga, video games, botanical, and illustrative tattoo styles, but I'm down to do anything! Client experience is my number one priority.


How Do I Book An Appointment?

You can book with our artists for custom tattoos under the Open Books page. And book predrawn designs under each artist's available tattoo pages, which will link to their flash books. Reach us in the Chat or email if you have any other questions.

Where Are You Located?

In Chicago's Ravenswood neighborhood. In the Degan Building in suite 504A.

Where Do You Update Your Flash?

We update via instagram (@newnighttattoo) and the website weekly. Sign up for our email newsletter to get exclusive updates on our flash books !

How Do I Get A Custom Tattoo?

Book with one of our artists under the Open Books page and put down a deposit nd select a date to reserve an appointment spot. Whichever artist you book with will follow up and contact you about the details of your appointment.

How Can I Pay?

Our artists prefered payment methods are Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, and Card (by tap or swipe). If you would like to use another payment method, feel free to ask your artist!

What’s Your Shop Minimum?

Currently $100 is the shop minimum, the exceptions are any current special deals.