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Please visit to find out what you can do to advocate to end this attack on the civilians of Palestine.

There’s so much I could say about all of the horrors that have been experienced by the Palestinian people over the last 100+ days, but not only was October 7th not the start of the terror they have been experiencing my voice is not the center of this. When we did our November fundraiser I had hoped that a ceasefire would be called shortly thereafter (obviously many, many people were hoping and praying for this). But after 112 days and a charge of genocide against Israel from the International Court of Justice (thanks to South Africa!) all of this international malice and negligence (from the US, UK, and France supporting Israel’s horrible war crimes) has not resulted in a ceasefire! It’s so important to continue to elevate Palestinian journalists and voices right now, and to put pressure on our governments to call for a ceasefire! There are hundreds of trucks full of food and healthcare aid that are being blocked on Palestine’s boarder by Israeli soldiers and even some of their citizens. With the relative privilege we have, it’s important for us to push against our governments’s malicious actions against the indigenous people of Palestine. Keeping all this in mind I posted this flash fundraiser not because money is the only solution, but because when there is a ceasefire (because there will be a ceasefire!) Palestinians will need our aid and attention to repair their homeland against what our government’s weapons have done to destroy their hospitals, universities, businesses, mosques, and homes. My studio isn’t the biggest studio out there but tattoo work is communal at its core, and if I can help and show my solidarity as an artist in anyway I think that’s my most important responsibility.


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