Queer Coded Villains


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Happy Pride! I’m excited to announce my latest fundraiser flash sheet: Queer Coded Villains✨

featuring: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, Scar, Ursula, Eris, Azula, Him, Shego, and Jesse & James

 1.$350; 2.$275; 3.$300; 4.$425; 5.$425; 6.$275; 7.$375; 8.$275; 9.$325;10.$300; 11.$275; 12.$300; 13.$275; 14.$350

30% of the proceeds of all these designs will go to the Black Trans Travel Fund (@blacktranstravelfund) and their mission to "help to create a world where Black trans women are valued and supported. [And} seek an end to transmisogynistic violence."

3” minimum (no size limit)

also available in black & grey upon request

Use the code "DEPOSIT" at checkout to leave a 15% deposit and claim one of these designs today. The remainder of the total tattoo cost will be due at the end of the tattoo appointment.

Designs by Alex (@astralexhibitiontattoo) 

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