Meet Ash

Meet Ash (they/them) our new Junior Artist !

“Hey I’m Ash (they/them)! I am a Junior Artist starting my journey in affirmation tattooing for the trans, gender expansive and queer community. For a year now, I have been exploring the power tattooing can have as a healing experience for all bodies. With this foundation of affirmation, I strive to create designs that reflect a reconnection to the body, mind and spirit. 


Coming from a painting and drawing background, my artistic approach focuses on creating imagery that evokes ancient archetypes with contemporary and evocative expressions in black and grayscale ink techniques. With fine line and bold pattern, I bled painterly, illustrative and abstracted styles to create unique designs that are catered to each client’s body.


My collaborative approach to tattooing has called me to incorporate ancestral work and each individual’s spiritual traditions as part of pursuing clients’ self-expressive goals. As a white person, I value the importance of shadow work, decolonizing work, and reconnecting with ancestors, the spirit world, and the earth. My personal art practice inspires me to pull from a plethora of spiritual heritages, including hellenistic polytheism, animism and western witchcraft. I find these traditions help guide collaboration to achieve a design that is truly special and personalized.  


I aspire to be a lifelong student of tattooing. Continuing to improve my technique, expanding my artistic repertoire and to further develop an affirmative and inclusive craft. As an autistic, trans femme nonbinary, queer, type 1 diabetic artist, I strive to create an affirming experience for trans, queer, neurodivergent, and disabled folks to celebrate their bodies and self-expression. If I sound like someone you’d like to go on an artistic and/or spiritual journey with, feel free to reach out and book a session with me! I am so excited to be continuing my tattoo journey at New Night Tattoo!” 

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Who owns the studio?

Alex owns the studio, you can find their work on instagram @astralexhibitiontattoo

What’s a Junior Artist?

After receiving inquiries on both full time apprenticeship opportunities and often being asked by full time artists for advice on techniques I’ve picked up over the course of my time tattooing I decided to create a position that would be a balanced third option. Essentially the junior artist position allows me to take a more hands on approach to helping artists hone their techniques and unique styles, whilst allowing the junior artist to continue fostering independence in terms of working with clients and expanding their artistic confidence and expertise. 

(In short it’s a halfway point between apprentice and full time resident artist)

Where are you located?

In the neighborhood of Ravenswood in Chicago IL

How can I keep up with your fundraisers?

Sign up for my newsletter or follow the studio on instagram @newnighttattoo

How do I book a custom tattoo?

Under our books open tab you can put down a deposit to set a date with our artists

Do you take future appointments outside of the booking calendar?

Yes! Reach out to your desired artist by email or instagram to put down a deposit and set up any future appointments.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, when artists are on site they can take walk-ins.

How can I guest at New Night?

Reach out to Alex via with your desired dates and guest portfolio.

What is your guest rate?

35% of your total tattoos for the duration of your guest spot.

Do you provide supplies to guest artists?

Yes we provide ppe (grip tape, barrier film, razors, green soap, witch hazel, distilled water, rubbing alcohol, a&d packs, dental film, seran wrap, disposable water cups, bottle bags, chord covers, tongue depressors, ink caps, shop towels, stretcher sheets, etc.) along with a station to work out of and pillows, armrests, massage beds as needed.

What are flash tattoos?

Tattoos based off of predrawn designs and preset pricing.

What's your shop minimum?

$100 unless it's apart of a special rate/deal.